" His charismatic presentation motivates all teachers to embrace inclusive practices."

Dr. Raul Escarpio shares his insights in an engaging, humorous, and heart-touching manner. His experiences and personal stories convey true understanding of the material he presents. He presents the impact of the disability categories on the student and their classroom that go beyond academic definitions. Most importantly, he provides teachers with a practical toolkit for supporting all students in their classrooms. His charismatic presentation motivates all teachers to embrace inclusive practices.
— Dr. Emily Kleintop, Principal, St. John Vianney Regional School

“…gained new insights into working with students and valued the evidenced –based instructional strategies recommended.”

Dr. Escarpio provided an engaging and enlightening presentation to our teachers on the Universal Design for Learning, student disabilities, intellectual giftedness, and attention deficit. Even those teachers who stated that they had previous training on these topics stated how they had gained new insights into working with students and valued the evidenced –based instructional strategies recommended. Dr. Escarpio’s humor and professionalism affirmed his commitment to serving students with different learning needs. Because of his enthusiasm, our teachers have increased their knowledge and motivation to implement new strategies to better serve gifted students and students with specific learning disabilities.
— Sedonna Prater, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Diocese of Knoxville

"...experiences and expertise drew everyone into the engaging discussions...

It is not often that a diocese invites a guest speaker who reaches EVERY participant: teacher, administrator, and DRE! We were blessed to welcome Raul to an event in the Archdiocese of Hartford that was open to Catholic school educators as well as parish catechetical leaders. Raul’s experiences and expertise drew everyone into the engaging discussions, but his passion, wit, and genuine mission to advance learning for those children in most need, left everyone wanting to hear more! Putting resources in the hands of educators and expanding their understanding of how exceptional students learn, left them with a solid foundation upon which to build. Thank you Raul! You’re welcome back any time!
— Valerie Mara, Assistant Superintendent of Academics, Archdiocese of Hartford.

"....was able to capture and engage every teacher in expanding and deepening their understanding of exceptional learners."

What a day! Dr. Raul was able to capture and engage every teacher in expanding and deepening their understanding of exceptional learners. His practical and relevant modeling for teachers provided teachers with practical strategies to keep the learning moving forward for all students. The responsibility to care for and nurture all of God’s children is at the core of our shared mission. Can’t wait to have Dr. Raul back to SVS!
— Corinne Cuffle, Principal – St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School

"...gave me the informative tools I needed to continue to fulfill my vocation."

Dr. Escarpio is the type of educator I strive to be. He is knowledgeable, funny, approachable, and passionate about all students, but in particular children with special needs. His resounding words, “Remember who they belong to,” have since served as my new mantra- all children belong to God- so we must educate them with the utmost respect, dedication, and love. This is our mission as teachers. In particular, the workshop I attended, Instructional Strategies for Students with Learning and Attention Deficits, gave me the informative tools I needed to continue to fulfill my vocation. It was not only enlightening and offered excellent strategies and facts regarding learning disabilities, it was also entertaining and very “real-world”. I truly had a wonderful experience. May God continue to bless this pioneer in his journey of educating the Catholic community on the needs of our special educations students.
— Nichole G., Teacher, St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School

"...will improve my ability to teach, guide, and nurture all students entrusted to me..."

I really enjoyed and learned a lot by attending Dr. Raul Escarpio’s engaging and enlightening Special Education re-certification course offered by Shepherd Educational Consulting. The research, methods and tools shared shed light on the variety of learning styles our students have. I know the very helpful suggestions provided will improve my ability to teach, guide and nurture all students entrusted to me at Our Lady of Lourdes Academy. I highly recommend this interactive and informative course.
— Sarah P., Teacher, Our Lady of Lourdes Academy

"...he demonstrates best teaching practices for teachers to model..."

Dr. Escarpio’s teaching style is simply sensational. While redefining his students’ understanding of ESE, he demonstrates best teaching practices for teachers to model in the classroom. Thank you Dr. Escarpio for helping teachers better understand modern education.
— Kathryn M., Teacher, Christopher Columbus High School

"...a very engaging and dynamic speaker."

Dr. Escarpio recently presented at our school for our professional development. He was a very engaging and dynamic speaker. He is not your typical speaker who presents dry facts on a slide. Dr. Escarpio’s style of presentation feels like you are having an informative conversation with him about teaching all students and being most attentive to those with special needs. His presentation was honest and funny. Our faculty loved him and we look forward to inviting him back!
— Sister Margaret Fagan & Mrs. Ana Oliva, Administrators, Epiphany Catholic School

"...interactive, informative, and engaging."

Dr. Raul Escarpio provided an excellent workshop for the teachers at Christopher Columbus High School on differentiated learning, formative assessments, learning disabilities, and best use of educational practices. His professional development was interactive, informative, and engaging. We appreciate Dr. Escarpio’s style of instruction and his professional approach to training teachers in Catholic Marist enviornment.
— David Pugh, Principal, Christopher Columbus High School

"...re-energizing, inspiring, and an eye opening experience."

I recently took a course led by Dr. Escarpio which was a re-energizing, inspiring and an eye opening experience. This course brought Catholic school educators of different grade levels together to share and learn different ways to engage and keep these precious gifts of God on task. These strategies are not only effective for students with disabilities, but for all students!
I can’t wait to have him come back and meet with my staff to remind us of the responsibility that we all have to care for, teach, and nurture all of God’s children! He definitely provides tools that can be implemented the very next day.
— Christine Gonzalez, Principal, St. Bartholomew Catholic School

"...best classes I have taken in a very long time."

I want to thank you for having two of the best classes I have taken in a very long time. Having to work everyday and come to class in the evening is not always the easiest thing to do. However, I truly enjoyed every moment of your classes and it was a pleasure each time. I will take my new found knowledge and do my best to bring it into my class. I hope we will see each other in the future for another great class.
— Margaret K., Teacher, Nativity School

"...very helpful and user-friendly."

Thank you so much, Dr. Escarpio. I very much enjoyed your courses, and find the information and strategies you taught very helpful and user-friendly. God Bless You for all your good work.
— Marian C., Teacher, Our Lady Queen of Martyrs

"...hands-on, practical, and inspiring presentation..."

This hands-on, practical, and inspiring presentation helps teachers incorporate strategies that offer students opportunities to learn and achieve in an environment that celebrates their differences. The professional development that Dr. Escarpio provides the teachers is the best I have ever experienced. As an educator for 30+ years, I recommend this for anyone who is trying to inspire and motivate teachers to become master teachers.
— Ana Garcia, Principal, Msgr. Pace High School

"motivated our faculty and staff and we look forward to welcoming him back."

Our faculty and staff’s opinions about his presentations were all in agreement: “Dr. Escarpio definitely met our expectations! His workshops were dynamic and provided good insight on the topic of Differentiated Learning. His materials were useful to our current needs. His presentation style was interactive, engaging, and thorough. Dr. Escarpio motivated our faculty and staff and we look forward to welcoming him back at our school in the near future.
— Berta Moro, Principal, St. Patrick Catholic School

"...energetic approach and warm personality..."

I have been to and have enjoyed more than one of Dr. Escarpio’s conferences. As always, he reaches out and places us in the shoes of our class room children. His conference exercises give us a glimpse from the hypersensitive hearing of autism to the reading and writing style of the dyslexic child. His energetic approach and warm personality, makes the course fast-paced, exciting and FUN.
— Enrique D., Teacher, Msgr. Pace High School