Dr. Raul Escarpio

                                                                                 Dr. Raul Escarpio

About the Director

Dr. Raul Escarpio is one of the nation's leading experts in inclusive Catholic education. He is the director of Shepherd Educational Consulting (CatholicEd4All), a faith-based consulting company that works with Catholic dioceses, schools, and families nationwide to help develop and implement systems in schools where students with disabilities can thrive and succeed. He is a product of Catholic schools and served as an educator in the public-school system with students of all ability levels for over 13 years. He later made the transition to the college level where he now prepares special education teachers. During his current time as a college professor, he has become involved with community groups that support families of children with special needs including as chairman of the board for a parent resource center in Miami that services parents of children and adults with disabilities.  

He sits on the National Catholic Education Association's (NCEA) Exceptional Learners Committee and hosts a weekly podcast on Catholic special education (CatholicEd4All) where he interviews nationwide leaders in Catholic special education including archbishops, superintendents, directors, teachers, and students. These guests share best practices in creating inclusive schoolwide programs. He has also been married for the past 18 years and has a 11-year-old son.

The mission of CatholicEd4All is to provide research based professional development, consultative and/or individualized services for professionals, faculty, and families who service Catholic individuals with special needs.

Presenting to Administrators and Teachers at Epiphany Catholic School.